Friday September 14th

  • 9:00am Breakfast Run –  Take a beautiful scenic ride with Roy, Patty, Dale and Ron Finch to the Handel brothers favorite breakfast spot.
  • 11:00am Gates open for sign-in & registration for games.
    Vendor expo – browse & buy at various vendors.
  • 11:00am Wall Of Death will begin the first of many death defying shows.
  • 11:00am Motorcycle Freestyle Shows  – Sean  Connor’s Extreme Motocross – starts the first of many stunt shows of the day.

Shows continue throughout the afternoon

{Walk around and view all the bike builders creations – Ron Finch & a wealth of amazing bike builders will be on hand. Take a stroll down memory lane and visit the Antique Bike Museum and Dan Hanke & A Century of Motorcycling,  is a wealth of knowledge on antique motorcycles.}

  • 3:30pm- Games begin on the field. Live entertainment throughout the day by, lots of bands and Blackthorne’s own Peter McKiernan.
  • 9:00pm- Concerts start.
  • 12:00-1:30pm- Spaghetti Wrestling in the Beer Garden.

*please note times are approximate, we tend not to halt good times in order to maintain a a strict schedule. Over the years, you have preferred it this way, so we go with the flow now.